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Abe Wrobleski

Director of Tenting and Structures

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With the immense growth of InProduction's tent and structure business for major sporting events and festivals, Abe was brought in to manage this aspect of the company's operations. He brought with him over two decades of unparalleled experience and industry knowledge in tent rentals and event structures. Through his experience, Abe has acquired a keen understanding of customer needs, inventory management, and personnel coordination to best serve InProduction's clients.

As the Director of Tenting and Structures at InProduction, Abe plays a pivotal role in overseeing network-wide construction operations for event builds across the country. Abe manages every aspect of each job in this sector of the business, from the initial design phase to inventory and transportation of materials to job sites, to overseeing on-site teams executing each project. Recent projects include the build of hospitality structures for Formula 1 Las Vegas, Austin City Limits, NASCAR Race Weekend, and many more.

His commitment to excellence is further showcased by his dedication to supporting the sales and project management teams, ensuring that inventory is utilized in a cost-effective manner, and relentlessly seeking opportunities to expand this side of the business. Abe brings passion, expertise, and a keen understanding of the industry to the structures and tent division, as well as to InProduction as a whole.


Phone: 804-510-9462


InProduction Richmond

11065 Leadbetter Road • Ashland, VA 23005

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