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Sky Curl

Director, InStructures

As the needs of sports and entertainment venues, project developers, trade show managers, and architects continue to evolve in their quest to create stunning spaces, so does the challenge of finding a team that can deliver a unique turnkey project.


At InProduction, Sky Curl leads an experienced team delivering countless temporary and semi-permanent structure projects and the custom interiors found inside these spaces.

After getting his start 27 years ago as a project manager overseeing trade show exhibit builds, Sky rose through the ranks to manage accounts for high-profile clients, such as Nintendo, Nike, Intel, and JCB. It was this work that led to Sky’s transition into the world of temporary and semipermanent structures, where he now builds elaborate structures for brands like CAT, Turner Sports, Disney, and the NCAA, to name a few. Building some of the most complex tradeshow booths and temporary sporting-venue structure projects in the United States, South America, and Europe has helped Sky and his team become one of the premier providers of these turnkey projects.

Each year the cost of building a permanent space becomes more expensive, and project lead times can extend into years of planning. Creating temporary and semi-permanent structures allows us to create a unique space in a minimal amount of time. These structures and their capabilities extend beyond what trade show managers and sporting venues have typically required. Developers and Architects are finding that these types of structures can be customized to fit their needs as cost-effective solutions to the difficult design challenges they face. Sales offices and retail stores can be designed and built on-site with elaborate interiors and exteriors at a fraction of a typical permanent structure cost. Sky and his team have proven time and again that any type of space can be built, regardless of size and complexity.



Mobile: 206-552-4743



InProduction Chicago
1501 Frontenac Road • Naperville, IL 60563

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