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Tami Lacertosa-Plax

Senior National Account Executive


When establishing the perfect seating solution for your event, you want someone with the experience, creativity, and knowledge of the current event climate to work with you to develop your seating plan in a visually pleasing and cost-effective way.


Having worked as an account manager with InProduction for over 15 years, specializing in event seating, Tami Lacertosa will work tirelessly with you from the initial design phase through execution, and even long after the event has wrapped.


Tami’s extensive portfolio of impressive seating projects includes the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the NCAA Fan Fest, numerous tennis tournaments, concerts, the New York City Marathon, and many more.


Phone: Direct: 631-212-0256 | O: 631-845-0449 ext. 31 | F: 631-845-0470




901 Motor Parkway • Suite B • Hauppauge, NY 11788


Talking Spectator Experience with Tami Lacertosa-Plax

InProduction talks with Tami Lacertosa-Plax about all of the important aspects of the spectator experience at sporting and entertainment events. Comfort is key. Keep spectators coming back to your events with comfortable seating, the options for an upgraded hospitality experience, and fantastic views of all the action.

Outdoor Events are Everywhere


Outdoor events are trending now as a preliminary step to reopening the economy and allowing people to gather together safely to shop, listen to music, watch films, and celebrate. More and more often, I’m receiving calls to set up outdoor options for events that used to be held indoors. This got me thinking.

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What a time in which we are living.

I love working in events. I have designed and crafted seating options that provide whatever an event needs for spectator experience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether I was at the Hampton Classic or the Thanksgiving Day Parade, seeing thousands of people gather, sit, view, and absorb what an in-person experience provides has brought me immense pleasure.


Our Safe Suites are a modular solution to safely increase the spectator capacities to pre- COVID-19 audience attendance. The Safe Suite Seating Modules allow a clear acrylic panel to be installed over an existing row of seats. These seating modules, available for both rent and sale, are designed to be used at any event stadium, arena, or venue without customization, thereby remaining a cost-effective solution for short- or long-term installation.

Bravo Floor Grid


Crandon Park Tennis Center


Macy's Thanksgiving
Day Parade


Talking Bleachers for Events 

I was interviewed to talk about all things bleachers; how they can be used for all different events both indoors and outdoors, the role bleachers played during COVID, the seat upgrades available, and so much more. In the first few minutes, you'll learn some surprising things about the history of bleachers and even some famous movies where bleachers play an important role!

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