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Justin Meadows

Senior National Account Executive

Justin Meadows naturally “grew up” with InProduction, having installed his first audience risers, stadium seating, and stages while still in high school. After high school, he worked elsewhere until he returned to InProduction in 2004.


During the next four years, he worked both on-site and in-house becoming intimately familiar with InProduction’s extensive inventory. In 2008, he took his experience and applied it to sales by taking a position in Las Vegas to help expand InProduction’s reach. Successful in Las Vegas, he is now based in Seattle where he continues his endeavors to create lasting relationships by providing creative design input and superior customer service for each of his clients.


In an ever-changing events industry, Justin spends time working with other members of the InProduction team to develop new ideas for products and design concepts to fit the current environment. Combine his design skill and out-of-the-box thinking with a “whatever-it-takes” positive attitude, he is sure to make your event a success.



Mobile: 407-413-6028



InProduction Las Vegas

4340 N. Lamb Blvd. Suite 120 • Las Vegas, NV 89115



Not a Bad Seat in the Ballroom


RV Cabana

As we saw the events industry change almost overnight, InProduction immediately began developing concepts to allow fans to enjoy live events in a safe environment. While InProduction will always be in the seating business, and new products we've developed like seat covers and new easy-to-clean seating systems have allowed venues around the country to welcome a limited number of spectators, our new concepts like our RV Cabanas provide a new way of enjoying live events.

These platforms allow spectators with an RV to drive under their designated platform and gives them easy, unobstructed access to their own private viewing area. This limits the need for guests to interact with others outside of their group and provides them with a safe, sanitized way to enjoy an event. From design to install and breakdown, InProduction has the experienced team and array of structures and other products for you to put on a safe, socially distanced event.


A 1,400 deck hybrid custom stage, ADA ramp, party platform, and dinner riser.  Installed in 4 days, United Way's 90th Anniversary Celebration at AT&T Stadium with Blake Shelton & Usher co-headlining. A one-of-kind concert experience.


A 2,300 temporary seating riser built at the breathtaking Castle Di Amorosa in Napa Valley for the premier of Pixar's Brave. I helped bring this dream job to reality by leveraging our superior on-site ability and customizable seating inventory. 

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